September 15, 2009

I Really Don't Know What I'm Doing, Do I?

I'm really not sure how Aidan got potty trained. I know I encouraged him, maybe sat with him in the bathroom a few times but I knew he wasn't going to potty train until he was ready and not a second sooner. Next thing I knew, I wasn't buying diapers anymore. Not until Asher filled that void. Now Asher is 2 and diapers are still expensive. That, paired with him telling me he's pooping, probably means I should get started. Since he's a little less violently dramatic than Aidan, off we go.

I pulled out the potty chair this morning and stripped him nekkid when he said "poop". He peed in it. About 60 times. One drop at a time. And he won't stop. He won't let me empty it and he won't quit squatting over it. Love the enthusiasm, Ash, but we got stuff to do today so wrap it up, ok?

Update: 2 hours later - He's still nekkid, still dripping into the potty only now he's eating bacon. I'd take a picture but I know there's some sick pervert who would search for 'n@ked toddler sitting on potty eating bacon' and then I'd have to lose my damn mind. I don't have time for that today.
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