September 18, 2009

Fuck It Friday

I've been trying like hell to figure out what this healthcare bill is. What it says. What it means. Who's getting screwed and who isn't... At first glance it appears to be written in English but when taken in whole, it might as well be written in Old Latin cuz that's how much sense it makes to me. Here, go give it a shot! It's exhausting! So ya know what? Fuck it!

Here's my trouble... ha! like my trouble could be pinpointed by one single thing, right? ...people who know me but don't really know me are finding out about the blog. I don't think about it being linked on my Facebook page when I friend add them and next thing I know there are all these hits from my city. You cannot know the panic that stings my chest when I see my city on my stats. So far I've gotten a few "love the blog" emails and I haven't got kicked out of any organizations yet but brilliantly witty as I am, someone's bound to "frown upon" the bloggy me. But what am I gonna do? Bloggy me is me. So ya know what? Fuck it.

Farm Town and I are breakin' up. I was going to get to the top level and then quit but I'm bored. It's taking so long to get the experience points to level up, Aidan will be graduating college before I'm there. So ya know what? Fuck it.

I'm sitting on several awards that some of you guys have given me. It's not that I don't appreciate them, I actually love them and I get a big ego whenever I get one but then I'm all focused on my ego and I forget to formally accept them and I feel awful and I email you and say I'm getting to it but I'm really not because I just don't get on it... then I decide I'm gonna just put them 3 at a time in my sidebar and link to whoever gave it to me but then I'd need a new sidebar title and my designer is busy as hell and I'm cheap as hell and I don't wanna pay for it so then I don't even do that nope, the run-on sentence from hell is not over and now I'm just a blog-schmuck and there's no turning back and ya know what? Fuck it.

So, what do you think of Fuck It Friday? I find myself extremely happy with it but there goes that ego again and who's to say it isn't only because I adore the word fuck so much?
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