September 7, 2009

Dear Mama

If Aidan were to write a letter to me I imagine it might go something like this.

Dear Mama,

Why can't I watch Noggin from the time I wake up until I go to bed? Kai Lan is my friend! And why do you cover year ears and twitch when Yo Gabba Gabba comes on? These are the coolest things I've ever seen. Why don't you get it?

Chicken nuggets really can be eaten at every meal. Even breakfast. What's wrong with that? Isn't meat healthy? I even think it's a great snack. Also, every meal should include dessert. Every one. It's part of a well balanced diet.

Can I have that big sling shot yet? Or the skateboard? I really want that skateboard. Nevermind that I wreck my bike and scooter many, many times each day. I can take it. And I r e a l l y want it!

You should really stop threatening to call Daddy when I'm naughty because he's busy and he can't come. Plus, I'm not scared of him either.

Love you, Mama

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