August 20, 2009

Give It To Me Straight

I really don't know what to do here. Aidan lasted 37 minutes longer today than he did yesterday. He is up in his bare room now and will not be going back to school tomorrow. I feel like anything I say against the school is somehow defending Aidan's behavior. I'm not.

I'm REALLY not.

However... I do think they are jumping the gun a bit. And I think the principal is a jackass. But I'll get into that later.

Here's how I see things. Aidan is a brat. He's got a foul little temper and there is something up with him. Maybe he has ADHD, maybe he had Oppositional Defiance Disorder, maybe he has Aspergers Syndrome, maybe he caught the fucking plague... I don't know. I'm his mother and I know that most likely he will do better in a setting with less kids and a teacher who specializes in behavior modification. I know this because I've known him for 5 years and he's always been like this. Principal Get Him Outta Here doesn't know that. That jackass has "known" Aidan for a combined total of one and a half days and he's decided it's a lost cause.

Now here are my complaints about "that man" as Aidan refers to him.

He speaks to me as though I were a 16 year old girl and that I don't know what the hell I'm doing.

He barely lets me speak at all.

He is right next to hateful when he talks about Aidan.

Aidan doesn't like him and the man is up his ass all day long. When I left this morning I saw him walking over to Aidan's table and Aidan was stiffening up already.

He's very obviously not interested in helping Aidan. He wants him out of his school. I know this because he called Student Services to "get the ball rolling" on getting Aidan moved before he ever called me yesterday.

Now all this man knows is this is the first week of Kindergarten and Aidan isn't doing the things he should be doing. So the first step is to kick him out? To say he can't do it? To get rid of him? Seriously?

Am I wrong to think he should get more than a day to adjust accordingly? Am I just being defensive or overly sensitive about it? Does it seem to anyone else that Principal Get Him Outta Here just doesn't want to deal with Aidan's issues? And who's with me that we change his name to Principal Jackass for the blog cuz Principal Get Him Outta Here is a tad too long?

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