August 18, 2009

Did It Really Happen This Way?

Today is a day I've been dreading for 3 years now - Aidan's first day of Kindergarten. That fear was cemented last year with his preschool experiences that would scare the hell out of the people who run those outdoor survival outfits for the worst juvenile delinquents. Trust me, it got ugly.

Today, however, was not ugly. Bizarre, yes, but not ugly.

We got up way too early for me. I was considering home schooling for a fraction of a second. Aidan took a shower, picked out his clothes, and ate breakfast - the whole time chattering about how excited he was for school. I was cautiously optimistic. The Mr and I exchanged looks that said "He's gonna completely flip out when I try to leave, isn't he?"

We only live 2 blocks from the school but Aidan insisted that we drive. Let me assure you, we will be walking from now on. You haven't seen a traffic cluster-fuck until you've seen a bunch of snot-slinging Kindergartner Moms taking their little darlings to school for the first time. They obviously can't see through their tears because my vehicle was essentially invisable. We won't discuss whether or not I teared up for a minute. The point here is school traffic blows and I'm not doing it anymore.

So we finally make it into the building and Aidan asked me to help him hang up his backpack and then he went to his chair and said "Bye Mom". I had to remind him to kiss me goodbye! I just kinda stumbled out of the room after that. Then I sat in the truck for 10 minutes waiting for my phone to ring. It's been 2 hours now and no calls. I think my jaw is still on the floor outside his classroom. I'll pick it up when I go get him I guess.

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