July 2, 2009

What Is Your Malfunction?

First, I'm talking to Blogger. Quit taking blogs that I follow away! I lost dozens yesterday and one of them even called me out on their blog about it. Me thinks she was pissed!

Next, I'm talking to you, followers. Putting aside the possibility that Blogger is screwing with you, too, make up your damn mind, okay? I post about MJ not being my favorite pedophile in the world and you drop me. Then I put up a video of my kid inhaling broccoli and you're back. Don't you know my self-worth is all wrapped up in that number?

Well, that number and the one on my bathroom scale. I digress.

Anyway, have some conviction. Either my blog sucks and I'm wrong about everything and you're too good for me or my blog rawks and you're addicted and you're gonna stick with me even when I post things that prove I'm crazy. Just think about it?
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