July 16, 2009

Something Stinks In Suburbia

It's been pretty quiet on the front lines of us vs Jackass Neighbors. Quiet isn't always a good thing. In fact they're probably planning nuclear war or something because beyond just not being pricks, they are being nice.

You're scared, aren't you? I am.

It started with the daughter. After the screaming episode and a few glares and scowls, all of a sudden she's smiling and making eye contact. When I asked Mr what he thought about it he simply said "lobotomy".

Then Mrs. Jackass starts smiling. Then waving. And I started twitching cuz what the hell?

Then! Then she speaks. Not yelling like a lunatic, chatting like we aren't the modern day equivalent of the Hatfield's and McCoys. Well, she chatted, I just kinda stood there waiting for the other shoe to drop with my mouth hanging open slightly. There might have been rapid eye blinking. The Mr was mowing and after she walked away he came over to ask what she was bitching about this time. He had to break me out of my shock induced trance before I could tell him there was no bitching but hell had just frozen over.

Mr. Jackass still holds the same constipated, pinched look on his face all the time so nothing new there. He's an idiot and we make fun of his token middle class, miswestern square trying to be hip calf tattoos when he wears shorts. Juvenile? Yes. I'm okay with that.
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