July 28, 2009

Is There A 12 Step Program For Farm Town Yet?

...cuz I think I need it.

My Dearest Farm Town,

We are gonna have to take some time apart. Not a break up, just a break. You know, to gain some perspective. It's just going too fast for me. We spend too much time together and I need to focus on me right now. It's not you, it's me. I'm not going to be messing around in the Mafia Wars or Farmville. I know you think Farkle and I have something going on but it's not true. I only have eyes for you, Farm Town, and when I get my head right I'm gonna be coming back to you. You're the only Facebook App for me.

All My Love and time and energy,


I knew that letter had to be written as I reread this chat between me and Sarah at midnight.

Sissy: if I suddenly disappear from your farm it's cuz my computer is in pieces on the damn floor!

Sarah: what the?!

Sissy: it's so damn slow!

Sarah: I think it's FarmTown not the computer love

Sissy: well me and FT are gonna lock horns in a minute

Sarah: I'm about to pee myself! You are in need of an FT intervention!

Sissy: my pain for your pleasure, glad I could be of assistance

Sissy: saving saving saving saving saving.... SAVE THIS BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sissy: you want my carrots?

Sarah: I'm not sure! are they angry carrots?
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