July 25, 2009

I Refuse To Name This Blog Fart Friday

...but that's exactly what this is. Except the Friday thing.

At what point in blogging do you run out of post titles? I'm at roughly 600 and ya'll, I am scratching the bottom of the proverbial barrel.

This is a list of the ridiculous shit that has given me heartburn this week;
chocolate chip cookies
Bacardi Lemonade
yogurt covered raisins
Mt Dew

CitiMortgage has GOT to be the most pig headed, idiotic, backward ass company that has ever managed to convince people they are worth a shit in the history of dumb! They make the federal government look like a fucking master of financial security. Please tell me Karma comes back to bite the asses of large corporations by means of say, bankruptcy or eviction or Bubonic Plague.

Asher's little renegade ass better gain some perspective. It's like he knows he's turning 2 and that means he's supposed to have a giant attitude and make my life miserable. Here's a little nugget of info to chew on, Ash, don't make me stop saving your ass from your brother.

The ending of 10,000 BC was really sucking a fat one and then BAM!, all is right in the prehistoric world again!
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