July 7, 2009

The Day The Earth Stood Still

Mr: Why did you ever pick this movie?

Me: You don't know?

Mr: What?

Me: It was a popular movie, I put it on the list.


Mr: Keanu Reeves?

Me: No.


Mr: That dork?

Me: No, I don't think he's hot.


Mr: You are lying thru your teeth. Your teeth and your veneers!

Me: What?!?!

Mr: Yeah, you heard me. Put
that in your blog!

And so I did.


Impulsive said...

pure genius. laughed till milk came out of my nose.

Willnnabel said...

So I would have to rent this movie, because I loved the original with "Michael Rennie", and for purely comparative purposes I should see this one. To compare the "effects", yeh, that's why, um yeh, for that reason alone.

melanie said...

You have veneers? I'm so jealous...

MJW said...

What a cool hubby! I loved this post! :)

Michelle said...

Too funny! I am jealous too!

Unknown said...

shut the front door

you have veneers?

Sarah said...

Like he even had to dare you to post it. That had blog fodder written on it from the first syllable! Silly SB!

Karen said...