July 19, 2009

Blog Farts

and it's not even Friday. I'm such a renegade!

Holy crap I simply LOVE it when I see a kid that's not mine absolutely losing his shit in public! Sure, I feel sympathy for the parents but damn if my heart isn't filled with sweet sense of Oh thank God in Heaven it's not me this time!

So if Asher can point to his butt and tell me he's pooping does that mean I should start potty training?

I miss Grissom on CSI.

I'm sick of hearing about Blog-Her and how much fun all the bloggers from the in-crowd are going to be having. Call it jealousy. Yes, I'm jealous that I can't spend a week in a swanky hotel in Chicago - which is my favorite city! - without a little person screaming Mommy, Mommy, Mommy! every 2.1 seconds. I'm jealous all the cool girls are still not gonna know my name or that my piddly little blog exists. I'm jealous, okay?

I think Big Brother sucks so far this season, I'm totally pissed about the ending of Harper's Island, and I can't. wait. any. longer. for Ghost Whisperer to come back!

CitiMortgage is still on my shit list.

Want to know the quickest way to assure I never, ever visit your blog again? Leave me a comment and then demand in said comment that I come to your blog and leave you a comment. Here's the thing - if I bully someone into leaving me a comment, it's not really a genuine comment, now is it? I'm certainly not in the bloggy in-crowd so take this for what it's worth but Way to make a first impression, Biff!
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