July 19, 2009

Blog Farts

and it's not even Friday. I'm such a renegade!

Holy crap I simply LOVE it when I see a kid that's not mine absolutely losing his shit in public! Sure, I feel sympathy for the parents but damn if my heart isn't filled with sweet sense of Oh thank God in Heaven it's not me this time!

So if Asher can point to his butt and tell me he's pooping does that mean I should start potty training?

I miss Grissom on CSI.

I'm sick of hearing about Blog-Her and how much fun all the bloggers from the in-crowd are going to be having. Call it jealousy. Yes, I'm jealous that I can't spend a week in a swanky hotel in Chicago - which is my favorite city! - without a little person screaming Mommy, Mommy, Mommy! every 2.1 seconds. I'm jealous all the cool girls are still not gonna know my name or that my piddly little blog exists. I'm jealous, okay?

I think Big Brother sucks so far this season, I'm totally pissed about the ending of Harper's Island, and I can't. wait. any. longer. for Ghost Whisperer to come back!

CitiMortgage is still on my shit list.

Want to know the quickest way to assure I never, ever visit your blog again? Leave me a comment and then demand in said comment that I come to your blog and leave you a comment. Here's the thing - if I bully someone into leaving me a comment, it's not really a genuine comment, now is it? I'm certainly not in the bloggy in-crowd so take this for what it's worth but Way to make a first impression, Biff!


April said...

LOL at the last part and so true!

Claudya Martinez said...

You know that all I want to do now is demand that you come and leave me a comment. It's particularly wonderful if I demand it of you because my comment section seems to have banned you.

As far as jealously goes, it's all relative baby. "My piddly little blog" thinks your blog is big time.

CaseyDeuce said...

I'm going to BlogHer!! I can't wait!! Now come leave me a comment biotch!!!


Rhea@mommy23monkeys said...

I hate blogher. I'm so tired of hearing about it that I don't think I will ever want to go.

Halala Mama said...

Ahh...I feel that same way about the kids in public, BUT I just know that one day it's gonna be MY kid having that total melt down. It's just a matter of time....

Four months ago I didn't even know that Blogher existed, now I want to go to! Though reading all of the preparations women are making about clothes and make up makes it seem a little bit like a gathering of jr. high girls...but I still wanna go!!!!

Willnnabel said...

Well I was not a huge fan of CSI, but okay. I do not watch the shows that tout themselves as "reality", and never watched Ghost whisperer. I do love my "Saving Grace" with Holly Hunter, "Rescue Me" with Dennis Leary, and Lovin the new Showtime hit "Nurse Jackie" with Edie Falco. I don't want "reality" I get enough at home and work.

As for me I don't ask for visits to my blog, or comments. I visit a lot of blogs and don't always leave a comment. So why am I here? The Crown , baby, I am all about the crown!

Deb said...

Yep, totally love when other kids freak out and mine sit there all stunned like they've never seen or thrown a five-alarm fit.

And, as much as I'd like my piddly little blog to get noticed, I'm refusing to be manipulated into visiting, let alone commenting. It's not "blog love" if it comes off all bitchy!

Sara Elizabeth said...

Who is this bloggy in-crowd? Cliques are annoying. I am not going to blogher either, so we can throw a pitty party together.

Jen said...

I too am sick of hearing about blogher (now I am going to Vegas in October to meet other bloggers but I promise not to talk about it too much) and I can't wait for Ghost Whisper.

Christina said...

um, tell me that is a quote from Lamb by Christopher Moore.

If it is, I knew I loved you for a reason.

If not, seriously, go read it. With your sense of humor, it will not be lost on you!

Oh, also, I am totally jealous of the blog in crowd too. But don't tell.

Kritta22 said...

What about Denver?? Who's coming to ours?

Anonymous said...

Comment challenges, total b.s.. Anytime I see the words "Mr. Linky" I want to barf.

Lorie Shewbridge said...

O.K., O.K., O.K. (I', channeling Joe Pesce here).... my thoughts:

1. SOOOO totally agree, my kids were so good in public (THANK GOD), they had total meltdowns at home.
2. Let him poop wherever he wants, pants, potty, backyard, jackass neighbors yard
3. I so too miss Grisham - LOVE the picture!
4. It should be called "Blah"Her, yea, I'm jealous too... I'll join the pitty party!!
5. HATE - HATE "reality" TV; what the hell WAS with the end of Harper's Island (but I knew it was Henry); and I SO love Ghost Whisperer.
6. CitiMortgage should burn to the ground (I don't mean that literally in case the people eho "monitor" such postings are "watching") Do I sound paranoid? Who is that behind me??
7. Hey, at least people VISIT and COMMENT on your "itty bitty" blog, I'm not even popular enough for visits. Nobody even leaves a demand on mine -- I don't write good enough stuff, I'm too busy reading everyone elses and leaving WAY TOO LONG comments!! :-)

Izzy, Emmy 'N Alexander said...

Your blog is big, no worries there. lol! And really, someone demanded that you visit them and leave a comment??? It wasn't me was it?


Unknown said...

what if we ask nicely that you comment?

Ok, then never mind. ;)

Do you read the Big Brother spoiler blog? It's bound to heat up soon...i hope.

Anonymous said...

Hello. Great job. I did not expect this on a Wednesday. This is a great story. Thanks!