June 22, 2009

You Can Find Anything On The Internet

Whew! Just when I was low on funny my stats came to the rescue. I especially appreciate when the searches are done as questions cuz man, that just makes it so dang easy.

How do I beat Webkinz Triple Strike Solitaire? Dude, it's Webkinz! It's for 5 year olds. Are you for real?

Are my kids martians? Yes. Yes, they are. How else can they be explained?

What is the blog about a jackass neighbor and a beast? Did you actually just search for a blog about these things or were you looking for me specifically?

I need Webkinz usernames and passwords. Why, so you can hack a 5 yr old's Webkinz account? Loser!

Is my kid a sissy or a martian? Well, clearly if he's not one he must be the other, right?

Why does the Ped-egg hurt so damn bad? Honey, it's not supposed to. That said, I don't know but it does, doesn't it? A tool of the devil I tell you!

If I pee first, will I weigh less? Maybe. But you have to be nekkid, with dry hair, and you can't have drank anything yet. It all works together.
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