June 26, 2009

RIP Pervert MJ

I've just gotta say it. Michael Jackson. He was a brilliant song writer, he was musical genius, at one time he had an incredible voice, he was the biggest pop star in the world, and he was infinitely talented. He was also a pedophile. And please don't start with the he was never convicted of anything shit because I just can't respond calmly to that anymore. I think this particular fact should be considered in regard to his legacy. But maybe that's just me.

I'm pretty sure I should just go ahead and tag this post with Got Me Hate Mail but time will tell. I give it 45 minutes before I've got a nasty email, 20 minutes for Anonymous to spew venom all over my blog. Place your bets!

Update: I lost 4 followers since this went up. Big freakin' crybabies!

Update #2: It took longer than I thought but I got my first ass chewing by the MJ-can-molest-kids,-it's-ok club. Sorry he's not around to babysit for ya!

Update #3: You HAVE to check out the comments on this post by Woman in the Midst: Raw. Someone totally drank MJ's kool aid.
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