June 1, 2009

Front Row Seat To My Idea of Hell, Possibly Limbo

Something else I've learned about my new town... I am a minority. Well, my family is. See we only have 2 kids and we are done. I have yet to meet a mom with less than 3 kids. More often they have 4, 5, 6, and yes even 7 kids.

Wait, wait for it... A pretty good percentage of these Miracle Parents are pregnant again. I scan the room for the slightest look of fear or even terror but there is none. And I'm glad for them. I'm glad it worked out well for them. But when the conversation turns to "when are you gonna have your next one?" and I say, uh, no, we're done. They look at me like I'm on fire. I even say it very slowly but it's as if I were speaking Old Latin cuz they don't understand. They want to know if there's a reason (as in what's up with your girl parts?) Once the vajayjay gets brought up, that's my cue to hit em hard with Wait till you get to know my kids, you'll understand and that just leads to the old uncomfortable silence I was telling you about in this post.

I've been told it's a Catholic thing. Strict Catholic, not the kind of Catholic I'd be. I have to take birth control cuz I should not cannot will not have any more kids. But this could be the underlying reason here seeing as how the Catholic school system is quite near the size of the public school system.

Still doesn't make any sense to me but then again I'm just a freak who couldn't survive a litter.
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