June 23, 2009

Fortune 500 Bound

My kids are quite the entrepreneurial duo. They might take care of us in our old age after all.

It was roughly 400 degrees outside on Monday. With no wind mind you. The wind here blows like a damn tornado every day but not today, no sir! So Aidan decided to set up a lemonade stand. "I'm gonna sell lemonade on this fresh, hot day!" is actually how he put it. Oh great, I thought.

A little background on his lemonade stand exploits. Back home he tried to sell lemonade once. We ended up in the hole. Now it wasn't all his fault since mostly teenage gang members and dope seekers drove through our one street subdivision so they didn't stop for a glass. Also, it was March and not at all hot.

Oh, something else that might have scared anybody who would have stopped - the dirt in the cups and Asher's nasty little hands splashing around in the pitcher like it was his personal bathtub. That just screams "yummy", right?

So I didn't have much faith things would go much better this time. We were semi-prepared though. I made him cover the top of the pitcher with a towel and rubber band, Asher wasn't allowed to wash his hands in the product, and it was hot as hell. We made a sign and set up shop right around 5pm so we got everyone coming home from work.

Asher stood on the grass and danced and waved and screamed "Hi!" and Aidan gave drivers the big, pathetic, pleading eyes and they flocked in. Asher would run up to the car and hold out his hand for the money and Aidan would help me pour the lemonade. The cost was a quarter but many people gave him more - even a whole dollar a couple times. The two of them were very charming, which was a good contrast to me because I was looking kinda scary... profusely sweating with my hair all crazy with the dreaded sweat-curl. I was a hot mess, mkay?

Have I mentioned I loathe the heat? Cuz I do.

In the end we went through 8 quarts of lemonade and Aidan pulled in about ten bucks. And no, he has no intention of sharing the proceeds with Asher who literally had to shake his booty on the street corner.

My stock as a mom is dropping because I didn't take a single photo or video. They can work it out with their therapist someday.
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