June 5, 2009

Guess What

Does anyone else constantly type "teh" instead of "the"? It's like a malfunction between my brain and my fingers and it drives me crazy because I can't just go back and fix it later, I have to backspace all the way back through everything I've written since and fix it right then. Can you freaking believe my OCD is still undiagnosed?

I worked out all 4 days that Aidan was in Adventure Club this week. I better not come face to face with the sadistic fucker who created the Stair Master. Although that probably won't happen cuz he's probably long dead - found hanging in a closet naked with a belt around his neck. And I totally had that part in my head before this David Carradine thing happened, honest.

I don't know what kind of numbers (hits, stats) the rest of you get on your blog but mine are pretty poor. Till now...they've been up drastically the past couple of weeks and damned if I know why. They're not Dooce high but to my measly little blog it's big time. My husband asked me how I managed to get my head through the front door. And then I punched him and said Who the hell do you think you're talking to? Do you know how many hits my blog got today, bitch?!?!

We saw Angels and Demons last night and holy hell, it was awesome! I read and loved DaVinci Code and only liked the movie but I didn't read Angels and Demons but I found the movie much, much better than DaVinci Code. Plus, very rarely do I ever get duped with who's bad/who's good? aspect of movies and this one punked me.

Some of you may know about my sweet tea addiction. It's a problem. It may actually be an ingredient in my blood at this point. Since I've been trying to kill myself working out, I thought maybe I should quit drinking 6000 calories in sweet tea as well. I'm on hour 32 and it's all I can do not to break the seal on that gallon of sweet satisfaction in the fridge and stop all this nonsense.
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