June 8, 2009

As If I Needed Another Reason To Live Out In The Country

It seems that Jackass Neighbors have a Jackass Daughter. I held out hope that she wasn't a prick like her parents but like they say - the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Not even rotten ones from diseased trees.

Lexi was out in our newly fenced in backyard this afternoon. I heard her barking like crazy so I stepped outside just in time to see Jackass Daughter carrying that little rat they call a dog into their backyard. Then it jumped out of her arms and run over to our fence and Lexi.

Note: THEIR dog ran over to OUR fence and yard.

The little shit (the dog, not JD
*although she's a little shit, too*) can damn near fit through the spaces and Lexi is barking like crazy and that damn brat starts yelling at her!

Yelling at OUR dog who is inside OUR fence while HER dog is trying to get into OUR fence.

That whole family makes my blood boil. Do you think there could be a mold growing inside their walls that makes them think they're like the First Family of the neighborhood or some shit?

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