June 25, 2009

Are Ya Kiddin' Me?

It's 8:50am and we are supposed to be at the YMCA at 9am for Aidan's Adventure Club. We are all still barefoot, I'm dragging all our crap out to the truck, screaming for Aidan to grab his babies and get his shoes on. Asher is running behind me yelping "yet's goooooo!". In short, a typical Monday through Thursday morning at our house.

On Monday, we screeched into the parking lot at about 8:59am and as soon as we get to Aidan's classroom, he slapped his forehead and said "Uh oh, my babies!". Uh oh, tough, we're here, we're late, you were told a dozen times to get them, sorry for ya... I tried threats and bribery but it was obvious that if we didn't go back for them he was gonna make me, his teachers, and everyone else he looked at miserable so we loaded back up and went back home to get them.

As we are drove away from the house, Aidan asked me to smell one of them. Now I knew better than to smell it but I did it anyway and almost lost control of the truck thanks to the wretched stink that came from the thing. I begged him not to take that one in and he agreed. This in itself was a small miracle but I considered myself lucky. Then out of pure morbid curiosity I sniffed the other one and damn near got knocked out with a similar stench. I figured we would be on our way back home to get some more when I asked him not to bring either one in but he just said, "Ok, I just won't bring a baby in."

Excuse me? Then why in the sam hell did we just drive back home to get the damn things? I swear he does this shit just to make me crazy. Or crazier. Whatever.
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