May 2, 2009

With Friends Like This...

We've all got that friend. The one who doesn't give a rat's ass about your hang ups or sensitivities and has no intention of allowing you to wallow in your own bullshit. That friend for me is Lisa.

This is a little excerpt of a text conversation between Lisa and I last night. I was complaining about not knowing anyone here yet and in typical Lisa fashion, there was no sympathy - only sharp, quick wit.

Lisa - U will find friends fast. Hopefully you can get to know them before the boys scare them off. Hehe... Any prospects in the neighborhood?

Me - ... I haven't met anyone.

Lisa - I bet that pisses you off. Where are the trays of cookies and shit from the nieghbors? Should have stayed with us mean bitches.

Me - There's bound to be a mean bitch around here somewhere.

Lisa - No such luck, you're in Stepford.

I warned her that I was gonna blog about this and she said fine but not to tell you guys that she recommended The Black Dagger Brotherhood books because I guess they have some juicy sex in them. Lisa may have an R rated mouth and temper but when it comes to discussing sex, she's strictly a G rated girl. She claims to not have even opened the "toy" Lenka and I got her for her birthday last year. If you can believe that...
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