May 18, 2009

Where's The City Ordinance Against Being A Prick?

I was gonna stop blogging about them, the Jackass Neighbors. You know, I was trying the whole "I'm gonna rise above, they don't exist to me anymore, blah blah blah". But then I realized, um, fuck that! Those assholes are permanent blog fodder and the only thing that could one up all the comments agreeing that they are in fact douchebags would be for them to stumble upon this here blog and read it all for themselves. This is all I want for Christmas, Santa Claus, and I've been a very good girl this year.

This weekend Mr started the much needed barrier from the yard of the Devil fence. Jackass Neighbor's sprinklers come on every morning at 9am. Never in the afternoon or evening. Except for this particular Saturday afternoon when they come on when he is out there working right next to them. His bags of quickcrete are laying on the ground getting soaked, he's getting soaked, water is filling the holes for the posts... What? Are you 9 fucking years old?

Remember when I told you about meeting Zelda and her stealing my heart by calling them assholes? I didn't mention that she kinda ranted a little about Jackass Neighbor's van parked on the street. She talked about speaking with JN about it but said that since they are being such assholes, she might just call the police and let them handle it. Yes, I prayed the police would get called after the Puppy Police Incident.

Today I see a big orange sticker on the windshield of JN's van. I was positively giddy! And almost immediately I thought to myself, we are so gonna get blamed for that. I just happened to be outside when Mrs Jackass came home and I saw the look on her face when she pulled into her driveway and she. was. pissed. So she jumps out of the car and stomps down the driveway to the van. She moves it across the street and stomps back up the driveway and yells in my direction but not at me directly, you know, so as not to create a true confrontation something about the van not being parked in front of my house so I shouldn't be worried about it.

Now I. am. pissed. I mean, is this bitch for real?
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