May 6, 2009

What A Difference A Few States Makes

I've noted some major differences between Arkansas and Nebraska. They're subtle for the most part (kinda like a clown's nose is subtle) and harmless, save for Jackass Neighbor.

Store clerks look at me like I'm green when I say, "Have a nice day". They stutter and stammer around and almost never get out anything intelligible.

If you try to let someone cut in line on the road at a turn or something, they don't know what to do. Occassionally they manage a shaky wave of thanks but more often they just look around like the sky is gonna fall in on them.

My sense of humor does not translate here. I get lots of blank stares and frequently stand in awkward silence. Everyone is so damn serious all the time!

They say "yeah" weird. It's more like "yaaaa". Not quite Northern Minnesota "yaaa" but definately not a southern (read normal) "yeah".

Everything is covered with Huskers red. I mean everything. Their clothes, mailboxes, garages, vehicles, and on and on and on. Hog Fever pales in camparison. And as Krissi once said, what the hell is a Cornhusker anyway?

Apparently there is a season for sweet tea here. I don't know when that season is but we're not in it right now. Go ahead, ask for sweet tea in a restaurant, they will scoff at you.

It takes $28 and half an hour to get your vehicle licensed in Arkansas. The State of Nebraska takes your first born child and six thousand dollars. Fun times!

Now that's not to say it's awful here. Except for that prick next door, noone has been rude or mean. It's finally spring here and it really is beautiful. And... nope, that's all I got.


April said...

LOL! Gotta love the south!

Peggy said...

Are they not polite in NE? People are more polite in Chicago for goddsake!

Hang in there kid!

Diane said...

when i moved from atlanta to detroit it was a real culture shock. almost 9 years later and i still feel like i'm in a foreign country sometimes.

maybe i'm not up to date, but why did you move?

Ariel said...

K..sweet tea...I've actually had people say this to me in regards to sweet tea: "What's that?"

And the few places that do offer sweet tea only offer it in the dead of summer and it's never really sweet tea, it's iced tea but you can request some sugar if you want to be weird.

People here are also somewhat offended by my open friendly nature, they want me to stay the f out of their space and only smile when the sun comes out which is about 60 days a year.

Yeah, haven't been cited for shit in the yard but that's only because i haven't shit in the neighbors yard - yet...his time's comin though.

~Ronda~ said...

All the more reason for "yall" to come home! Piss on Mr. Jackass Neighbor and his stupid orange flags anyways!! I could never live there, Sis, cuz I will surely die if I don't have my daily sweet tea fix! No cornhuskin for me!

MoonNStarMommy said...

Oh - I second the piss on jackass!! Dennis (who is from NC, and a fellow Sweet Tea addict) ... now makes his OWN because there is only one restaurant around here (WI) that offers it... Famous Daves .. lol.. and if they don't get your sense of humor, they wouldn't get mine either. Dennis moved up here, and his comment was "do they GROW sarcasm around here?" I'm like "yeah, it's in the cheese!" Only certain people in MN talk like that btw.. LOL...

Krissi said...

I know you said "it's not all that bad" but seriously, don't yall still have a house here??? I'm thinking Sexy Beast can commute, just saying!!!