May 12, 2009

Nice To Meet You! I Don't Always Look Like This, I Swear.

Surely I'm not the only stay at home mom who is shuffling around the house sans make-up or concealer in yoga pants and a ratty t-shirt sporting 3 day old greasy hair at 10am, right? Apparently, I'm in the minority. This morning at 10am I got my first visit from a mom in the neighborhood. And damned if she isn't cute and perky - hair all brushed, make-up on, and miraculously had zero peanut butter on her shirt.

Doesn't that go against the laws of parenthood or something?

I should have just taken the cookies and said thanks, we'll get together soon because the house was. a. wreck. and I'm pretty sure there was a bad smell but I'm not positive because you know how you can't smell your own house? Anyway, I was blinded by the joyous anticipation of adult conversation so I ushered them right in. Oh well, she might as well be exposed to the ugly truth right up front. She didn't curl up her lips in disgust or whip out any hand sanitizer and we exchanged phone numbers so that's a good sign.

You don't think it was a fake number do you? I should try it.

Either way, she was nice and normal and that could mean that I might actually find people to be friends with here. Maybe we will get together again soon.
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