May 5, 2009

Neighbor Saga Continued

This afternoon, Jackass Neighbor (as I will refer to him from now on) mowed his backyard. We were all outside. We were measuring for a fence because if this isn't a case for 'good fences make good neighbors', I don't know what is. At some point a flag popped up in their yard.

Now let me say that Lexi was not outside alone at all today. I personally had a front row seat to and witnessed all of her poops. It was lovely. A great way to bond with your dog, I recommend it highly. 

Anyway, the pile he flagged was not a new one. We just looked at eachother when we saw it but Jackass Neighbor never came over, he just kept on mowing. Now I don't know if he thinks we've got a secret flag code that we all understand now but no damn way was I just gonna hop over there because he threw a flag. I've got a flag to throw on that, asshole, and it's called the bullshit flag. You took the time to flag the shit yesterday, if you missed some, tough shit - damn this post is full of puns! - you're gonna have to suck that one up!

So Jackass Neighbor finishes mowing and oh yes, that mother fucker mowed all but that square around the flag! I am in awe. Apparently I am in the presence of pure pettiness. Is it me or is doing that just costing him more time and effort because he put the mower up and now he's gonna have to get it back out later when the shit is picked up. And you can bet your sweet ass that I will not be the one picking it up. I'm anxiously waiting his next visit.
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