May 24, 2009

Kinda Like That Dream Where You're Naked...

I'm a little nervous. All my friends back home knew about my blog and they were my first fans. Not that I have millions of fans now - I have 101. No, 102. Nope, now 99. Ok, back to 101. You people are finicky bastards!

Anywhooo, they knew about my blog and also knew anything they did or said was fair game for blog fodder. They also knew of my deep deep love for the word fuck. But here? Not so much. Well, not so many friends first of all but the one friend I have made hasn't been properly "jumped in" as far as those aspects of me.

By the way, ya'll, she's the one who came bearing cookies a couple of weeks ago and you guys were wrooooong, she looks that cute and put together all the time. I try not to hold that against her. It's tough.

So I'm nervous because I'm not sure how she'd take the blog. I'm also not sure how she'll take being in the blog. I imagine it would piss some people off. I mean, I'm not posting her full name, address, and pictures of her kids here. Yet. But still. She's gonna find out about it eventually. Especially if I friend her on Facebook. See, she mentioned being on there and fear grabbed my heart. I'm about to be busted out in a big, bad way.

Now I don't know why I'm asking you, you guys told me she would be covered in peanut butter and wearing no make-up the next time I saw her. But should I give up and let it all hang out or wait and spin my web a bit more?
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