May 8, 2009

Jackass Neighbor Strikes Again

Did I tell you those pansies called Animal Control and told on us? They did. We were cited (just a warning) for not picking up the dog poop. Even though we did pick up the poop when we were asked to. But a flag as my orders? I don't fucking think so. The officer thought the whole flag thing was insane. She said verbal requests are all you are required respond to and next time he/JN calls about this situation he will be told that Animal Control will not respond unless you are willing to swear in a court of law that you actually saw their dog make that specific pile. We do not respond to domestic tiffs.

She's my new BFF.

THEN! that very evening those petty mother fuckers put up 3 more flags and said nothing. This is after they mowed - though still not around the original flag - so no way could it possibly be hers. I walked over when I knew they were gone and that poop looked like some ankle-biter poop. Lexi's poop is bigger than the dog who made that poop. Rat bastards!

So I bet they think they won cuz they were bad ass enough to sic the puppy police on us. Oops, backfire. Sorry for ya.

As suggested by many of you, I wanted to start flying my own flag in the yard. One bearing my favorite finger or some verbage questioning the size of JN's manhood. Mr nixed that idea, something about being a public official and needing to act as such or some similar nonsense. Whatev. Except that specific position is actually our weapon. Well, he can't use his position to screw them directly, but he makes the recommendations to those who can.

The news just gets better! Now it looks like my husband will be in the position to fuck the Jackass Neighbors twelve ways to Sunday by proxy. He just attended a meeting with the male JN. There was no allusion to the Good vs Evil showdown we are in the midst of but I like to think he walked out of there thinking "why didn't I just pick the shit up! I'm so fucked.".
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