May 4, 2009

It'll Only Take A Second... or 120

I was supposed to tell you all this last week when my site went all wonky. Sara fixed my stuff all up so you can thoroughly enjoy me as usual but the code for my button went thru some changes. So all of you who have my button on your sidebar or blogroll - which is all of you, right? - need to grab the new code and get rid of that pain in the ass box with the red X. No really, you all have it, don'tcha? Cuz if you don't, you should. And by 'should' I mean you better because my self-worth is directly linked to the popularity of my blog and you don't want to be responsible for screwing with that.

By the way, I knew the "but you don't have my button" comments were coming. I really do try to add the button everyone who leaves a comment here but I miss some. Kinda busy being SuperMom, mkay? Well, busy doing something, gimme a break. If I missed you, tell me about it. I'm no mind reader!
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