May 28, 2009

It Was Bound To Come To This

But everybody else is doing it!

Yes, if everyone else jumped off a bridge, I would do it too.

In this case it's blogging about Jon & Kate Plus 8. Before the recent broughaha, I watched maybe a total of 7 minutes of this show. I mean, damn, 6 babies? I'm into some questionable stuff but watching that kind of torture isn't a fetish of mine. Of course I've heard that Kate is an eviscerating tyrant and the babies are adorable and Jon is essentially an abused spouse. Then, all my favorite blogs got hijacked by Kate-Hate and I'll admit I caved to the pressure. In the last few days I've devoured all that is JK8 and I've come to my own conclusions.

None of you should be surprised to find out that I'm leaning a different way than most of you.

First of all, she has 8 kids. Eight! I've got 2 and I'm about to climb a tower with a rifle some days. The mere fact that she isn't rocking in a corner somewhere speaks volumes for me.

People are all kinds of pissed off at Kate and there is no mercy to be found. People are pissed because her looks have changed and she's "vain". Yeah, she looks different than at the beginning. Do you think for one second if someone, anyone, offered to pay for cosmetic procedures for me that I would even consider saying no? And anyway, how is she different than any other celebrity when they get super-famous? Take a peek at Jennifer Aniston before and after Friends.

People are pissed that she quit her local gym to use a personal trainer at home and because she has help with the kids and housework. Who in their right mind would opt to sweat like a pig with the masses over getting private personal training at home? Not I, said the pig.

People are pissed because they get so much free stuff and because she takes a bodyguard with her most places. So you're telling me that you would reject free Gymboree clothes for your kids? Whatev. And if I read about myself the things written about her, I'd feel the need for a little added security, too.

People are pissed because they live in a huge house and take lavish vacations. Guess what? They are rich now. Very few people who come into money keep the same standard of living as before. I assure you I would be jetting off to far-away places and living in a mansion if I had that kind of money. And so would the majority of you.

People are pissed because she is gone a lot for work and because she doesn't treat her husband right. I'm way irritated over these issues. If the roles were reversed and he was gone all the time it wouldn't be an issue at all. He'd get the atta-boys for working hard and providing for his family. It's bullshit. And as far as the way she treats him? You know what? Grow a backbone and stand up for yourself or pack your shit and go. I am definately not on the Poor Jon bandwagon.

That season premier was sad. All in all, you and I don't know a damn thing. We know what The Enquirer tells us, we know what the editors of JK8 choose to show us, and based on that, we think we know what is going on. We don't. Talk about judging other mothers and tearing other mothers down...
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