May 8, 2009

I'd Like To Take This Time To Bitch About The Internet

I can't take it anymore. The registering and signing up and signing in and verifiying. You sign in to Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Blogger, Wordpress, Technorati, Mom Bloggers, Snapfish, Photobucket,, 1-800-PetMeds, Webkinz, Amazon, Goodreads, and StatCounter. Every blogging network, bank, insurance carrier, cell phone company, porn site, cable provider, magazine, and department store makes you create an account. Having a baby? Graduating? Moving? More registering. About to stab your neighbor in the ear with a dull pencil? Sign up first!

Then the email addresses. Don't act like you don't have an email address that you use for singles clubs, porn sites, and Publishers Clearing House. Those of you who get to talk to grown ups all day probably have a work email. I've got one for the crap I never plan on signing into again, the one that my blog stuff goes to, and then my actual email. Up until recently I still had my college email address and I'm pretty sure I've even got an email with my cable/internet provider but damned if I know how to get into that one. So now you've got 600 different email addresses and God help you if you forget login info for GetOffTheInternetAnd cuz you will not be able to remember which email address you registered with them.

Also, I'd like to kill the mother fucker who created CAPTCHAs. CAPTCHA this, bitch

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