May 20, 2009

Bloggin' and Bitchin'

This is my Wordless Wednesday rebellion post. It's gonna be more of a Whiney Wednesday here at Martians.

My first complaint... My Google Reader. It's trying to take over my life. I read and read and read and read and still there are 326 blog posts left to read. I start out to thin them out and delete some but who? I fall in love with every damn blog I find. It's maddening. Plus I would get all ass-hurt to find out someone deleted me from theirs (should that have an apostrophe?). Is there a way to keep track of how many people read you in a reader? Nevermind, that is information I do not need to access to.

Next, I've got to tell you that if you used to write witty rants about your kids or your husband or your job and now you do 16 giveaways, 8 product reviews, and 1 paragraph about your son spraying diarrhea on your husband a week, it's safe to say I probably deleted you from my reader and now I just check in occassionally. I know some of you make money from your blogs and I'm totally jealous of you for that but there comes a point where a blog becomes a big internet commercial and that's when I hit delete. It's kind of the equivalent of a hissy fit in the blog world.

Also, Technorati is pissing me off. It's been weeks and I've sent several emails and still I can't claim my blog. I can't favorite anyone. I can't even make the damn button take you to my profile page there. I'm told if you wanna be anyone in the bloggy world, you must be set up with Technorati. Looks like I'm gonna be a big nobody.

I finally got a couple subscribe buttons. Now you can get your fix in a reader of your choice or directly in your email inbox. Having said that, can you all please do the same? Cuz I'm all kinds of lazy and it sure would be nice to just enter my email address and stalk you that way. K, thanks.

And lastly, I found two new awesome blogs that you've got to check out.

I can't even comment about why all of that above is a link instead of just the names of the blogs.

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