May 29, 2009

Blog Fart Friday

Blog Farts – noun. Def: Crappy ideas that are too short to make a real blog post, but when combined, join forces to make one unified, albeit half assed, post. see also: memes, surveys.

We may or may not have flung two dead birds from our yard into Jackass Neighbor's landscaping. And I may or may not snicker every time I think about it.

We spent Memorial Day evening at a BBQ with a family in our new neighborhood. It went well, we had a great time, and we walked home hoping we'd made some friends. Then we got home and as I undressed Aidan for his bath I realized in horror that he didn't have his underwear on anymore. He proceeded to explain that he left them at their house when he went downstairs to go poop. And there lies our hopes of them being our BFF's - wadded up on their bathroom floor.

I'm not sure what the hell I was thinking but I've signed Aidan up for Adventure Club Mon thru Thurs mornings and swim lessons Mon thru Thurs evenings at the YMCA for June and July. I'm betting that I have to wake them up several times within the next two months knowing that all the time when we've had nothing planned they wake up at the butt crack of dawn.

Translate this little diddy from Aidan if you can - Gimme that que-monica!

Also via Aidan, If someone tries to give me a shot, I'm just gonna frick out.

It's quite possible that I might have met a couple gals that I could say 'fuck' in front of. It's not a sure thing so I'll hold off a while longer.

Aidan freaks. the. fuck. out. if someone cleans up his playroom, bedroom, his side of the backseat, place at the table, etc... so I've convinced him that there is a gnome, troll, fairy, or some other mythical creature who cleans. It's positively brilliant if I do say so myself.
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