April 9, 2009

Surely I'm Not The Only One With These Kinds Of Issues

I just got my Nebraska drivers license. Does it need to be said that I am thrilled to only have to do this once every four years? Or every time I move. Because mine usually resembles something really not good, okay?

So what do you do for your license picture? Do you smile? Smirk? Frown? I rolled my eyes once.

Note: Do not roll your eyes. It's funny for about 5 minutes and then you have to pay to get another one taken. And the guy taking the photo isn't amused. So he takes your picture at an upward angle cuz everyone knows a woman's photo should never be taken from that angle but he does it to be a prick because you were a prick for rolling your eyes in the first one and he's got you by the balls so you're screwed. Then you get the new license that makes you look like Attila The Hun.

Then you swallow hard and ask for the first one back because it's actually better and the bastard smirks and you're stuck with it. And you spend four years hoping to hell you don't get carded or pulled over cuz you'd almost rather go to jail or go without booze than pull out this shit.
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