April 22, 2009

I've Got 14 More Years Of This Kind Of Thing, Don't I?

Is it truly my child's job to embarrass me? He should get paid, he's THAT good at it!

This weekend we were eating lunch at Red Lobster and one of the hosts was a little person. You didn't think this fact was gonna go unnoticed by Aidan, did you? A voice in my head told me no way, bitch, you are gonna be mortified very very soon. Yet, by some miracle of God we walked past him and were seated with nothing more than a sideways glance at the man.


Fast forward an hour to the end of the meal and time to go to the bathroom. The bathroom is right by the host/hostess station - of course - and as Aidan passed the man he turned around and said, "Mama, it's so nice of them to let that cute little boy play in this restaurant! Isn't that little boy cute, Mama? Mama, answer me, isn't he cute?!?!"

And there was that voice in my head again, told ya so, idiot, quit taking him out in public already!
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