April 22, 2009

I've Got 14 More Years Of This Kind Of Thing, Don't I?

Is it truly my child's job to embarrass me? He should get paid, he's THAT good at it!

This weekend we were eating lunch at Red Lobster and one of the hosts was a little person. You didn't think this fact was gonna go unnoticed by Aidan, did you? A voice in my head told me no way, bitch, you are gonna be mortified very very soon. Yet, by some miracle of God we walked past him and were seated with nothing more than a sideways glance at the man.


Fast forward an hour to the end of the meal and time to go to the bathroom. The bathroom is right by the host/hostess station - of course - and as Aidan passed the man he turned around and said, "Mama, it's so nice of them to let that cute little boy play in this restaurant! Isn't that little boy cute, Mama? Mama, answer me, isn't he cute?!?!"

And there was that voice in my head again, told ya so, idiot, quit taking him out in public already!


Diane said...

oh NO!!!!

poor mamma!

Jenn@ The Crazies said...

Oh no!!... SO something my Jojo would have said so we stopped taking her out in public years ago... poor girl hasnt seen the light of day in years LOL

Michelle said...

Hey, it could be worse! At least he called him a cute little boy!

~aj~ said...

In total agreement with Michelle. After I saw what this was about I have to admit I was expecting far, far worse.

It's cute that Aidan has a thing for the little people. ;)

Sarah said...

You might still be able to take hom out in public if you keep a roll of duct tape in your bag. I mean it's good for restraint (hospital) and for sealing chatty mouths. You can just cut a slit in it when it's time for hime to eat.

CPS is going to hunt me down some day!

thoughts and ramblings said...

Sorry but that is FUNNY as hell.

That's totally something my kids would say. I try so hard to teach them to be nice and kind to others...but sometimes they just don't mean any harm. Like my kids ask about why someone has a "brown" face and things like that.

from the mouths of babes. lol

CynthiaK said...

Sadly, your embarrasing stories mean we get some great laughs!!

You have the best moments ever.

Funny in My Mind said...

Sorry that we are laughing. It is not funny at the time but usually later it hits us...that was freakin funny. Not to the little guy though. I would just walk on, walk on and pretend he is not with you.

Miss Blondie said...

I'm sorry but that's freakin hilarious!!

antie said...

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kasandria said...

LOL Kids amaze you everyday.