April 6, 2009

It Was Bound To Happen

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm a big sell-out. At least I'm selling out to some good things. The first is Net Nanny. I've heard great things about this parental control software. If my children were old enough for surfing the web you can bet your ass I'd have it on my computer. And when they do start getting online (you know, when they're 38?) they'll be doing so under a very watchful eye and Net Nanny. And probably some keystroke/email reader spyware. I'll be damned if I lose a kid to some pedophile piece of shit.

Anyway, if you have internet-age kids and don't have some kind of parental control software, go take a look at Net Nanny.

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Jenn@ The Crazies said...

Thanks for the info... I have a pretty tight leash on my kids when it comes to the internet.. plus my other laptop is broken so they are only allowed to use mine while I am sitting in the room... and its usually iCarly.com or some other kids website!!