April 18, 2009

Information I've Gained Thru StatCounter

I've done the "crazy internet searches" posts before but I'd like to exploit StatCounter in a different way. Aside from being able to see how sick, twisted perverts stumble upon your blog, you can also see where they are from and in some cases the name of the intranet and/or internet provider the reader is surfing from. It cracks me up to think of someone at some of these places reading some of the crap on my blog. Like...

-University Of California, Office Of The President - ooo la la, a big wig reading, hu?
-Cadence Chemical - no bomb recipes here and also I think you should give the chemicals your full attention, ok?
-Danger.com - you've come to the right place
-FreeMinds Child Welfare - oh shit!

I think the Chinese might be obsessed with Twitter b/c about 16 different searches for versions of "what the hell is twitter" came from cities in China.

I also now know that some sick bastard downloaded one of my pics to his computer.

55.5% of people who come to my blog stay 5 seconds or less. Really? You can tell that my blog sucks in 5 seconds? Asshole

Someone from the Russian Federation visits my blog several times a week.

Nobody from Montana or Rhode Island has ever visited my blog.

This is my most popular page in the last 6 months.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the days I get the most hits. On Fridays, I might as well not even exist
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