March 23, 2009

Zookeeper Guest Post

Sissy's got guest bloggers! A few of my faves have stepped up to fill the void while I'm out of internet service for a few days. I'm a consciencious bloggy girl, must keep the rabid fans happy. You guys think of yourselves as fans, right? Cuz I totally think of myself as a celeb. Play along, mkay?

Today's guest blogger is Sarah the Zookeeper. Sarah has two blogs - Mom Tips and Notes From the Zookeeper and Notes From the Toilet Bowl. She's awesome so be sure to go check out both of her blogs. Thank ya very much, Sarah!

As I've watched Sissy gear up for her Big Move, I've taken a trip down memory lane to the one time that we did a big (read truck required) move. Mo was about to turn two and Tuck was six months. We were only moving about 25 miles but it was still enough to make me want a tranquilizer. My friend was sweet enough to offer to let Mo spend the night the night before and was taking her to the zoo the next day. Tuck of course slept through the whole disaster in a pack and play. Beloved and I did the whole move ourselves. As in loaded, drove, and unloaded. By. Our. Selves.

We had the huge U-haul and it all went well until we got to our new house. We have an exceptionally steep driveway so when we parked the truck we were literally walking the stuff from the front of the truck up the hill then off loading them and carrying them up our stairs into our house. Here's a little something to think about this should you ever attempt it. As you unload a truck it will raise and lower in different places.

The heavier stuff was at the front of the truck thus making the back a little higher than the front. But as we unloaded that furniture the back of the truck of course lowered back to its original position. Anyone want to guess what happened to the truck? Oh yeah, baby! Stuck like Chuck in the middle of our new driveway. As in the back tires were completely off the ground and the truck was sitting on its tailgate and front tires. Can you think of a better way to introduce yourself to the neighborhood?

The whole front end of the truck was blocking the street through the neighborhood. The back end was litterally gouging a hole in our driveway (there are still scars to prove this). Let's add that the wee man has woken up and is screaming bloody murder and now Mo comes "home." She has been sitting in a stroller barfing her poor little innards up all day. So much so that my friend had to buy her a new shirt to replace the one I sent with her.

I'm sure at this point I really don't need to announce that I cried. Big, fat, huge, ugly face tears. Thankfully a neighbor two doors down had some boards and such that they leveraged under the wheels to get out - three hours later! They really don't talk to us much. You'd think three years would be enough to make some people forget but I guess when it's the HOA president it might last a little longer.

Every time I put more into this house I am more and more convinced that I will die in the basement. This little trip down memory lane just solidified my resolve. I'll be putting up my headstone in the front flower bed. "Here's lies Sarah. This is the house that killed her." Should do a lot for the resale value.

Good luck friend! I'll be packing up the moving day liquor later this afternoon.


Peggy said...

Oh Sarah, how I WISH you had visuals of that fateful day. I would have been one of your new neighbors peeking out from behind the curtains and laughing my ass off at you...cause that's how I roll!

Sissy, good luck with your move!

Tuesday Taylor said...

Too much to think about on a Monday. Can't we all just crawl back in bed and start Monday over in 2 or 3 days?

Ariel said...

Oh how everybody loves moving! I got pretty lucky when I made the 2000 mile move from Texas to Oregon. I just threw all my crap in storage and decided I'd "figure it out later". I packed 4 huge 6 cube boxes with clothes and FedExed them to Oregon so they were here when I got here. Once I got here I landed a job with a moving company and THEY sent a truck and professional mover to Texas to pick up my crap. I've moved twice since being here and never had to do more than pack my boxes. It's enough to spoil a girl.