March 28, 2009

Who Can Help You?

Aidan taught me a song about getting help with things like buttoning your coat. I assumed it was something he learned at preschool but when he sang, "...if you need help you can call Rabock Omama!", I wasn't quite sure. He pumped his arm up and down when he said it and that made it cute as hell no matter what political party you affiliate yourself with. I still can't come up with a scenerio where they taught them to ask the President for help buttoning up your coat but whatever, they're the professional educators.


Sara Elizabeth said...

That is so freakin' cute. Rabock Omama. Oh Em Gee! I adore how kids say certain things. This made me smile. Thank you :o)

Sarah said...

Completely unrelated but Mo calls him "Banock Hobama." This will be the president of a thousand names before his term is over.

Peggy said...


ps - dontcha hate when you get a comment and you go through the trouble of clicking open your email and all it says is Cute!

Well, that's why I'm adding to my comment cuz that just blows. That and the fact that I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your are one sersiously funny chick. Hope all is going well with your new home! Have a great weekend!

Unknown said...

"Yes we can!"