March 26, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things that kinda suck about this move.

1. The "where are you from" question, followed closely by "I knew it was somewhere in the south" comment.

2. Getting lost going to your own house.

3. New TV channels. I think that shit should be universal!

4. Hoping to holy hell there's not a dirty pair of underwear behind a door at the old house.

5. Sore legs because the old house didn't have stairs and the new one has about a thousand.

6. Gale force winds sending my ball cap flying off my greasy head and blowing it across the parking lot so I have to chase it, screaming and cussing like a mad woman.

7. Opening the bag of putrid dirty laundry I didn't get done before we left - 4 days earlier!

8. Arranging, rearranging, and rearranging furniture. Okay, I just dictate where it goes so technically it sucks for my husband.

9. Painting. Even though we haven't even started that, it will suck so it goes on the list.

10. Cleaning other people's cooking grease off the tile backsplash. Fucking eeewww!

11. Having to actually go to the store to get that milk I forgot instead of just running across the street to get it from Lenka.

12. The ginormous list of shit I want to buy for/do with this house. I mean, I actually like making the list, it's the "we can't do everything at once" killjoy Mr. Practical I'm married to that's the bummer part.

13. Not having a fenced yard to throw the kids and dog out into. Entertaining those brats is exhausting!

And yes, of course leaving all my friends and family behind blows but this isn't a pansy ass sentimental type of a post.


Kirby said...

I can completly relate to your post and the thing with t.v channels just puts me in a damn bad mood also!!! Were going to move into a house soon and thats the stuff I'm not looking forward to as far as cleaning up after people I have no idea who they are and painting...Uhhh!!! Good luck with that though!

Michelle said...

I hear ya! Just moved from Colorado to Maryland less than 2 weeks ago. We still don't have living room furniture (we are buying new stuff) but most of the boxes are gone.

Peggy said...

I'd be much less concerned with leaving dirty underwear at the old house rather than finding dirty underwear in your new house! Good luck with all of your moving shiz...moving sucks!

Missy said...

Oh I feel for ya. I seriously hate moving. The taking everything apart and putting it all right back together, Urg Boxes, and kids having no friends yet, me not having new friends yet... Moving sucks. Wishing you the best of luck.


Sarah said...

I will never again live in a house without a fenced in backyard or finished basement. Every home should come with child containment zones! I am pressing for a law as we speak.

Diane said...

the tv channel thing drives me batty!! i moved, literally, right down the street and all my channels changed!!

moving is sooo a pain the butt! hope you guys get settled in soon. :)

Ariel said...

well it all just sounds spectacular! :) it'll all feel like home before you know it, even the non-local local new. J is like SB when it comes to practicality - and it drives me bat shit. i think that fence must be built ASAP though - not having one with two rowdy boys is just down right unreasonable.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you're back.

Hope you get settled into the new house soon.

Funny in My Mind said...

We are here for you! Add "buy new toilet seats" to the list. That always grossed me out.

Unknown said...

I'd be more worried about finding dirty underwear in the new house...ewww.