March 5, 2009

There's Disagreement And Then There Is The Abyss

Wow, talk about taking out some frustration...damn! If you've read the comments on my big controversial post about Obama bashing you know there were 4 people who don't support Obama who voiced their opinions in the comments. The other 16 people who had something negative to say chose to send me a nasty email. Email is better than Anonymous cuz at least I could respond if I chose to but why not put yourself all out there for the savage Democrats to devour? I mean if you feel strongly enough about it to call me a n!$$er lover in an email, why not bring it full force? Oh yeah, cuz racists are inherently pansy ass cowards, that's why. Now those who put their opinions in the comments, I published every single one. Only one was someone I didn't know and while I bristled at the condescending tone of the first comment by her I realize I'm pretty damn condescending myself and I need to suck it up and hit publish.

I'd like to say to the 5 people (Katharyn, Bennie, J, NoBamaMama, and Joley) who used the N word in their email to me - this will be my only response to you. I won't give you the opportunity to spew your bullshit my way anymore. Maybe someone else will take the bait. I don't know how you function day to day carrying that much hate, it must be exhausting.
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