March 7, 2009

Slap Happy

Out of the clear blue Aidan just said to me, "I wish my Daddy was here so he could slap you for being mean to me."

Uh, what?!?!

"Yeah, I'm starting to like him because you're mean to me."

This morning he told Asher if he didn't leave his sausage alone he was gonna "slap that pacifier out of your mouth".

Aidan has a bandage on his toe from the big Toe Injury a couple weeks ago. Asher was playing on the floor when he looks up and notices the bandage. I watched him decide and then proceed to walk over and grab ahold of the toe and squeeze it as hard as he could.

Clearly we all need some time apart.


Diane said...

first off, i love their names.

secondly, i'm so thankful i don't have boys! lol

Sarah said...

Is it wrong that I laughed at the pacifier bit? I can blame it on the fever right?

Posh Girl Couture said...

ohhh I shouldn't laugh. I so feel fo you. I have 5 girls and they at times are physco monsters from hell and I do not know where it comes from. yep... we all need time away sometimes.... we're so close it hurts! ; ) haha

This mommy right now needs a break & im sure you do too.

Im so happy to have found your wonderful blog!

Best Wishes ~
Joelle XO

Funny in My Mind said...

Don't worry, they will both hate both of you soon!! ha ha
No really, paybacks are hell aren't they Aidan?

Anonymous said...

Definitely sounds like a little mommy night out is in order.

My son is starting to talk. He is already saying some rather "interesting" things. My time is coming.

choppy612 said...

Haha you should set up an obstacle course of some sort for them at a park, youve got some smart high energy kids!