March 29, 2009

Search Term Sunday

I thought Sunday would be a good day for another edition of "crazy shit people search the internet for that lands them on my blog". This series cracks me up and kinda scares the hell outta me, too.

I got slap happy - it's ok, it happens.

how do i got a hickey? - are you seriously asking "how"?

i'm about to kill this bitch 911 tape - I snort every time I think about that tape!

tissues wipe noses - yep, that's what they're for. are you really googling this?

can I see martians? - of course, honey, I hear they like corn fields. now run along so you don't miss them!

what to use when you have a hickey - try your damn head next time, hickeys are gross!

Funny martians - are there serious martians?

ways to cover up a hickey if your a boy - sweetie, unless your hickey is on a part of anatomy a girl doesn't have, the procedure is the same. and if you've got a hickey there you really don't need to cover it.

suck me with ice, suck me mama, oh suck me, etc... - *shaking head* what the hell kind of blog am I writing here?

hickeys on small children - you're a sick fuck!

martians chat - well, they're supposedly intelligent live forms so I bet they can.

what the hell is twitter (LIKE 17 DAMN TIMES!!) - oh for God's sake, google it like I did!

wtf you asshole - I know, right?!?!

ohemgee - I never actually say the whole Oh My God anymore, saying it this way is more chic, don'tcha think? Plus, then you're not technically taking the Lord's name in vain so it's a win win.


Musings of the Mrs. said...

I LOVE your blog design. Did you do it yourself. And, aren't the google search terms hilarious? I only started to track my blog hits to see the search terms that hit my blog. Not as funny as yours...maybe I should write about hickeys.

April said...

You always get things about hickies. Is it really that hard for people to just avoid them all together?! I agree that they are nasty and tacky.