March 24, 2009

Sara's Guest Post

Ok ok ok. Sara here from Ordinary and Awesome. Sissy asked for guest bloggers, and I jumped at the chance to help her.

I am not sure if anyone else loves In Treatment on HBO, but I do. I do in a big bad way.

Well I saw the trailer for Season 2 and just about wet my pants. Oh course the first thing I said after I saw the trailer was, "Oh my gosh, three of the people in Season 2 played family members in the movie Dan in Real Life."

So, here we go. Celebrity nonsense goodness . . .

In the show In Treatment actress Dianne Wiest plays the therapist of Gabriel Byrne's character, who is also a therapist. He is the main character of the show, but I guess all therapists have to have a therapist of their own.

Well, in Dan in Real Life Dianne Wiest plays the wife of actor John Mahoney and the Grandma of young actress Alison Pill. Alison Pill and John Mahoney are two of Paul's (Gabriel Byrne) new patients in Season 2 of In Treatment.

Personally, I am really sad that I will never know how Sophie ends up (Season 1). However, Season 2 looks REALLY good.

The only thing I don't like already is that the show will not be on five days a week. Last season there were five patients and they each had their own day. Only towards the end did they designate one of the five days to Paul's session with his therapist. Based on the official website it looks like there are only four patients this season. Also, they seem to have it airing only two days a week.

Sundays will be Mia and April's (Alison Pill) days. Then Mondays will be Oliver, Walter (John Mahoney), and Gina's (Dianne Wiest) days. Gina's days are obviously Paul's therapy sessions, she is his therapist not the other way around. Also, from the preview it looks like Mia might not be a patient of Paul's either. It looks like she is an ex and might be a new love interest.

So, I won't have the comfort of knowing I have an awesome show to watch five days a week this season. I know it'll be wonderful, though. Even if it is only on two days a week. So, everyone set your DVR. Season 2 begins April 5th and 6th.

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Sara Elizabeth said...

OMG. I love my typos . . .

Well I saw the trailer for Season 2 and (meant to type I) just about wet my pants. Oh (meant to type of) course the first thing I said . . .