March 8, 2009

Oh Em Gee...

This is a little tribute post to my husband. I'm gonna kinda razz him because #1. He doesn't get enough blog-time since he started to preface every conversation with "this stays out of the blog", and #2. I miss him. He was supposed to be able to come home this weekend but it didn't work out. I have sort of an unnatural attachment to that man so being separated so much makes me kinda pissy.

Contrary to popular belief, my husband is quite the foul mouth, smart-ass. Everyone thinks he's so quiet and polite and just so fucking perfect - I'm talking to YOU, Mother. Well, he can string together some four letter words to rival my colorful vocabulary as proven by this post. And just sit back and watch him try to assemble a Rhino at midnight the night before Aidan's birthday. Yeah, and MY temper's legendary. Whatev.

He's not all bad though. He's mastered the art of smart-assyness (shut it. my blog, my words) and that holds a dear place in my heart. Like when he mocks my pending vegetarianism and tells me I better have cancer over being pregnant again. Or the time I was complaining that my friend, Lenka, was going to be away on vacation for 6 weeks and he instantly puts his hand up to his mouth and says, "Oh Em Gee, what are you gonna do without your Bee Ef Ef for 6 weeks?" And then I asked him, "Oh Em Gee, where am I gonna hide your body?"
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