March 4, 2009

Jesus Twitters!

I started following Jesus on Twitter the other day. Did you know He Twittered? Well, He does. I got this Direct Message from Him today

Thanks for the follow ! I love you!! ~Jesus

On a side note: Jesus has about 1600 followers on Twitter. Dooce has 157,000 followers. Does anyone else see something wrong with that?


Unknown said...

Jesus H. Christ...I better get on that...(Dooce that is)

Amy the SaltyMomma said...

hahahaha! Poor Jesus... maybe he's just new to Twitter. I'm sure his following will increase. Thanks for the chuckle!

Love your site, btw, very refreshing!

Amy ~ The Salty Momma

Funny in My Mind said...

I'm not sure if it's the REAL Jesus.........maybe that's why we need God back into our country!! ha ha

Krissi said...

Jesus on twitter... ha now I've heard it all!

~aj~ said...

I'd have a much easier time following the ramblings of a slightly neurotic mom rather than a whack-job that claims to the The Messiah.

I'm definitely Team Dooce in the Twitter Wars.

CynthiaK said...

I wrote about three different comments here and erased all three. I just don't want to offend everyone that reads it. :)

In the meantime, an award for you, Sissy. Still loving your martians.