March 3, 2009

I've Held It In As Long As I Could

Why isn't this shit going away? Bitterness and hatred doesn't look good on anyone. Barack Obama is the President of the United States. He won. The other guy lost. It's done. If you are really so very opposed to supporting the man then I assume you will be refusing any money that you may get by way of stimulus packages, tax breaks, etc... No? I didn't think so. And by the way, don't preface your objections about him with I'm not racist/prejudiced but... Shut the fuck up! If you have to clarify that you are not a biggot, you are, mkay? If it's really not about him being black, why bring that up at all?

Now, obviously I'm a supporter. But do I support everything he and the Democrats support? No. For instance, I totally disagree with more gun laws. All stricter gun laws accomplish is to make it more difficult for those gun owners who already abide by the law. The average asshole punk will still get his gun from the trunk of a car in an alley to rob that liquor store. I'm baffled by the inability for lawmakers to see how simple and obvious that concept is. I'm not sure I agree with the Iraq exit strategy. I'm not with them on abortion. But he seemed the best person to handle the big picture. You know, the big picture? That's what you can see when you get over your own bullshit.

You can't have it all. Your precious McCain couldn't have made the world all rosy by now either. You are so convinced Obama is a socialist terrorist - which, by the way he couldn't possibly be both of those - you somehow find it acceptable to speak to his supporters (ME) as if they were idiot children. I've said before I wouldn't fight with a friend over politics but if you are truly my friend, dig deep and try to be respectful of my beliefs as I am of yours. I wouldn't want you to have a fucking stroke over it.

And just to clarify - this is directed at everyone and noone. If you have given me shit on this subject, it's safe to assume you helped inspire this post but don't get your knickers in a wad. I've said to you what I wanted to and this is just bonus.
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