March 3, 2009

I've Held It In As Long As I Could

Why isn't this shit going away? Bitterness and hatred doesn't look good on anyone. Barack Obama is the President of the United States. He won. The other guy lost. It's done. If you are really so very opposed to supporting the man then I assume you will be refusing any money that you may get by way of stimulus packages, tax breaks, etc... No? I didn't think so. And by the way, don't preface your objections about him with I'm not racist/prejudiced but... Shut the fuck up! If you have to clarify that you are not a biggot, you are, mkay? If it's really not about him being black, why bring that up at all?

Now, obviously I'm a supporter. But do I support everything he and the Democrats support? No. For instance, I totally disagree with more gun laws. All stricter gun laws accomplish is to make it more difficult for those gun owners who already abide by the law. The average asshole punk will still get his gun from the trunk of a car in an alley to rob that liquor store. I'm baffled by the inability for lawmakers to see how simple and obvious that concept is. I'm not sure I agree with the Iraq exit strategy. I'm not with them on abortion. But he seemed the best person to handle the big picture. You know, the big picture? That's what you can see when you get over your own bullshit.

You can't have it all. Your precious McCain couldn't have made the world all rosy by now either. You are so convinced Obama is a socialist terrorist - which, by the way he couldn't possibly be both of those - you somehow find it acceptable to speak to his supporters (ME) as if they were idiot children. I've said before I wouldn't fight with a friend over politics but if you are truly my friend, dig deep and try to be respectful of my beliefs as I am of yours. I wouldn't want you to have a fucking stroke over it.

And just to clarify - this is directed at everyone and noone. If you have given me shit on this subject, it's safe to assume you helped inspire this post but don't get your knickers in a wad. I've said to you what I wanted to and this is just bonus.


Sara Elizabeth said...

Amen sister!! You took the words out of my mouth.

I have actually have lost 3 friends over this topic. I just cannot deal with closed minded idiots who are buried so deep in their ignorance that they can't even see straight. They talk TO ME about a lot of McCain and Palin bologna and state the same ol' Obama conspiracy theories, but have no other real reason for not supporting him. Biggots is what they are.

One friend blocked me from her MySpace and blogs. The other two I stopped talking to. It got so out of hand, and I lost all respect for them. I tried not to. I try to keep religion and politics out of friendships, but they just couldn't let it go.

Missy said...

You are now one of my Fav. bloggers. Amen sister!!! The man has been in office for a little over a month. It took Bush 8 years to fuck this country up, nearly to the point of no return. Give the new man a chance!
To all the "haters" and "doubters" I say: If you don't like the way our current government is going, move to Cuba. See how much input you get there!!!

Willnnabel said...

Yeah! Personally I am sick and tired of hearing about the "Democrats tax and spend". Hello, is it really worse that the "Republican Spend, Rape, and Pillage"? Seriously the guy just got in office, give him a chance. I find it funny that now they all have the answers, AFTER the mess they helped make. Yeah I love Jon Stewart for this reason, he points out some of the reality when these guys talk. This is your blog and your opinion is just that an opinion. If people do not like what you say they should just leave, not pick a fight with you. It is a shame that in a FREE country you cannot state a belief or thought without someone trying to beat you down for it.

Sarah said...

It blows my mind that people won't let it go. If you (general - not directed) really want to impact politics, start with your congressman and make sure the laws that get to THE desk address your concerns. There is a system of checks and balances for a reason people. Head back to civics class and study up so you can be more effective than peeing in the wind. All that does is make YOU stink!

Tuesday Taylor said...

Bottom line: Our country's in a shit hole of a mess and we all need to come together, work together on fixing it. That should be EVERYONE'S focus.

Unknown said...

"knickers in a wad"

love that.

we say panties in a bunch.

can you tell, I don't talk politics? ;)

Crystal said...

I totally agree...couldn't have said it better myself.

Brandy Wilcoxen said...

*Gives standing ovation.

Nic said...

Oh my god! Really? That 13.00 a week you will get is going to go a long way. Have fun spending it. Apparently we are rich so we wont be getting that 13.00 a week.

Alicia @ Oh2122 said...

Word. The crap coming out of CPAC this weekend was downright effed-up!

Hubby and I have been talking about it, and I can't help but wonder if this is a necessary (albeit crappy) step in our evolution as a country.

If there were no Bush, would we have gotten Obama? If there were no Obama, would we have nut jobs spewing crazy every five minutes? If there were no nutjobs, would our kids grow up just accepting that some people are really mean and not feel compelled to act?

I just don't know, but I hope this is why we're being subjected to this bull.

Krissi said...

I plead the 5th, you know how I feel about this topic... but there was no way in hell I wasn't going to comment on this one!! So I will just have to plead the 5th or risk getting shit kicked by a bunch of Demorcats!!

Devilpup00 said...

*Digs chonies out of ass*

OK I will bite on this one.... Why Obama is throwing lavish parties every wed at the white house that our taxes pay for? How can he take the economy issues seriously and spend thousands weekly on these parties? In four years some banks will be nationalized and the pooh will be hitting the fan. Don't say I didn't warn you.LOL

Anonymous said...

oh Krissi and Lisa... I've been waiting for your bite :)

so how are Bush's parties more acceptable then Obama's? just sayin'. and since the banks, lenders, REPUBLICANS have done such a bang up job with the economy, maybe they need to be under the thumb of the gov't for awhile. I'm about to take a 54K loss on my house - how is it possible to deny the state of the economy? and who's been in charge the last 8 years? oh yeah, Bush. if Obama had been president the last 8 years, I'd bet my ass it'd be all his fault, right?

look at us debating like adults! I'm proud :)

Nic said...

Bush did not have parties every Wed. night with headliners as the entertainment. Bush also did not spend billions of dollars his first month in the white house. Can you imagine if Bush would have pushed a "spending bill" through without anyone even being able to read it? Seriously, there is a definite bias there. The media would have tore him up. Obama is out of control. Look, I am not saying McCain is/would have been the answer. Frankly, I am disappointed with the republicans as well. I really think this country is headed in the wrong direction. Obama has this notion that being like Europe will make us better. It wont. I think if people in government were held to the same standards and same rules as the rest of us, perhaps they wouldn't be so eager to raise our taxes. And I know, he says he isn't raising taxes but how in the heck will we ever pay back all of that money they are spending? Really. Printing more money (which is what they are doing) will not work. It is going to create inflation like you wouldn't believe.

April said...

I didn't vote for the guy but I pray he can turn our country in the right direction. I will support anyone that is our president because he is OUR president And you are right about about leaving his race out of it but it's not just the republicans or the bigots. I've heard more about his race from the media (First Black President) and democrats. Either it is an issue or not but please make up your mind (not you personally, but mainstream media).

Krissi said...

Last time I checked it wasn't Bush's idea for you to sell your house? You know I love ya and couldn't pass that up!

And as far as the housing market is concerned, the people who make less than $50 grand a year, who got approved for a $500,000 loan from a shady bank and decided to live ABOVE their means deserve the boat they chose to get on! We (as in my family) were approved for far more of a mortgage than we got, however we were responsible in deciding on a house that we could afford! I'm not looking for the Govnt to bail me out now, in fact so far so good we can actually afford what we bought!

I know nothing about Obama's parties... knew nothing about Bush's for that matter.

I don't agree with Obama on some very "hot button" issues but hey if he can fix the economy thats tanking then by all means let him do it, I'd be good with that!

I don't support the fact that ones teenage daughter can have an abortion without the conscent of her parents, hell without even having to tell her parents she got her ass in a sling in the first place and apparently Obama's down with that... like to see if he'd feel the same way if it were Sasha or Melia!

I don't agree with UNIONS what so ever, however if Obama has his way the whole damn country will be unionized and we think things are bad now... just wait!

I don't agree with the govnt taking over health care, I think it's a realllllly bad judgement call for all of us!

I have my big girl panties on, I just checked, so this next statement will be coming straight from a BIG GIRL.... I don't agree with Gay rights, last time I checked it goes against EVERYTHING I believe in, everything I have been taught and lived my entire life, there is no changing my mind on it, it's just WRONG!

I hope that Obama can make this world a better place, do I think it will happen... well, there is always HOPE right... wasn't that his platform???? I hope that he can turn the economy around, because even though I'm sleeping in a highly Republican bed every night, I don't beleive Bush did a very good job with the economy, with the war and with a few other things! So if Obama can make the change he wants to see in the world, then more power to him... did I vote for the man... NO, would I have voted for him if he were say Hillary Clinton.. NO..... would I vote for Change, sure, if change didn't come with a price tag that went against the things that I feel are "morally right"!

Sorry your taking it up the ass on the sale of your house, that sucks! But I'm guessing you are ready to get the heck outta dodge and get up to Nebraska with Matt! When will you guys close on the house? Did you guys go with the house up there that you weren't in love with, or did you find something else?

P.S. the new pictures of Ahser with the black berries are way cute!

P.S.S. debating like adults is fun!!

Krissi said...

P.S.S.S. Damn I'm sure that is the LONGEST blog comment I've ever left... is there an award for that?????

Anonymous said...

Hubby and I argue over this daily. He bitches and bitches and rubs it in b/c I voted for BO. I want to tell him to GET OVER IT...I don't want to listen to him for the next 4 (or more years). I wonder if any other elections were this dramatic???? I never really pay attention to politics.

Rayna said...

I am so with you on this that part is over. Just get over it and lets move on together. Isn't that ultimately better than spewing crap all day.

Ariel said...

oh sure are brave opening this topic up. i don't even know where to start. i think i would have been better equipped to reply had i not read all the other replies.

first - i couldn't agree with you more on your entire post, including the gun law part. did you know that it is illegal in mexico for civilians to own guns? look at mexico today - that's what'll happen if the government disarms law abiding citizens. i'll fight any laws attempting to do so to my death.

as far as all the bitching, whining and complaining about obamas spending and the stimulus bill...what is one HUGE difference between now and the great depression? all the GOVERNMENT programs and resources we turn to when we find ourselves victim to this recession did not exist then. perhaps those bitching that obama is fucking everything up and government needs to stay out of it have been fortunate enough to still have their jobs - but 11.6 million of us have not. so until you're unemployed and on your ass with a family relying on you - stfu. we have savings, and for that i'm thankful, we also have no debt - we didn't do anything to cause these problems but without help from the government we would be standing in soup lines.

as for the other issues with obama: pro-choice, gay rights, etc...until there is some sort of empirical evidence that the god/book saying these things are wrong actually exists it shouldn't be a factor in our laws, government or civil rights. i have a teenage daughter - and i'm a HUGE supporter of planned parenthood. if my daughter gets pregnant i could only hope that she would trust me with that information. but if she didn't i hope that i've raised her to be responsible and brave enough to make the right decisions to take care of herself and her body. and denying gays and lesbians the very basic right to marry just baffles me. i guess i don't understand because i'm not religious...but i was raised in the church and i don't remember anything i learned in sunday school that justifies that. in gods eyes, we're all sinners...what rights do the rest of us have to give up?
(i'm totally not picking on you was just a point i wanted to touch on)

uhhhh - i think that's all. i sure do love it that you're not afraid to be controversial in your blog sometimes. as heated and passionate as we're all capable of getting, a good debate is healthy for the mind.

Jessica said...

Good job, sis, for standing up for your beliefs, it's about time you grew a set :) j/k. You know how I feel, if the man wasn't already married I'd ask him to marry me :) He's working hard already. Gotta love him :) He's stepping into Bush's mess. I hate it that people are soooo blind to not see that the Bush Admin. caused this mess. It'd wouldn't have happened if we hadn't had a gold diggin' pres. that hides behind God. So, what it boils down to is, the Bush Admin. is 100% responsible for this mess, no denying it. If Obama wants to have some parties, let the man, I say. I don't care he is the president of the U.S. However, I seriously doubt he's spending billions on parties. Come on. You really can't believe EVERYTHING you read. He's doing a GREAT job. I love the man and support him 100%. If everyone would open their minds and eyes they would see and they may be forced to. When he fixes this craziness nobody can deny the man his props.

Miss Blondie said...

(Applauds)Well said girlfriend!! You are now my favorite Blogger on the web! I voted for Obama, and i totally believe in him! I feel he will make every effort to jumpstart our economy. I'm sorry, but personally i dont want to be standing in soup and bread lines because we all stood by and did nothing. Give the man a break!! Besides, he can't f**k up this country any worse than Bush did! I hope he's enjoying his job at the local hardware store! :)

Michelle said...

I love talking politics! My husband is a Libertarian former Republican and I am a Democrat. I am an Obama supporter. He can't stand him. We will just have to wait and see. I think I will win this battle. The results will tell all.

Unknown said...

Bravo on this post. You rock. It's so true. I seriously can't understand people who think the republicans could actually do a decent job. I mean SHIT, look where that retarded cowboy got us!!!!!! The republicans got us into this mess!!! Everyone needs to read Barack's first book, "Dreams of my Father." They'll get to know him and admire him for his intellect, hard work, life experiences, and solid family life. He is the right man for the time we find ourselves in.