March 17, 2009

Bon Voyage, Sissy

I'm dedicating this to Lisa, Lenka, Ronda, Krissi, Paula, Kristin, and Toni.

On Saturday night those crazy chicas threw me a "see ya, sucker" shin-dig. We went to Olive Garden and pretty much emptied our side of the restaurant. We're kinda rowdy. And loud. And obnoxious. Just ask our waiter. Get a few Bellinis in us and we lose all sense of what is acceptable behavior in public.

At one point I'm pretty sure Paula's lips made contact with Ronda's boobs. I haven't gotten that particular photo forwarded to me yet. Don't go getting all shy on me now, girls. There was massive poking of Lisa's boobs. Really, who the hell wears a padded bra when they're already a Double D? She deserved it! And I can't be sure but I think Krissi tried to pimp out Lenka's Czech accent to her husband. I guess when you're the hot foreign chick, you just gotta deal with that shit.

I am leaving on Saturday. I'm sad. Some of us have been friends since high school and some of us came together only within the least few years. This is my first group of mom friends. Friends that I actually made, as opposed to those people who became my friends after working with me because let's face it, I'm not the easiest girl to befriend. Usually, unless you are forced to spend time with me, you don't. Maybe times are changin'? Let's just hope lightening strikes twice cuz I don't know a soul in our new town.

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