February 3, 2009

I Bow Down To The Funny

You guys are killing me with some of your comments! If I were truly worth a shit I'd do something to reward the hilarity. How 'bout this, if you can actually causes me to leak urine in my undies, I'll let you make an insulting lowball offer on our house. Oh wait, that's already been done several times. Well hell, that's all I had. Anywhooo, here are the contenders...

In response to Step Away From The TV
Jenners said... Instead of thinking "I am a bad parent" think "My kids have good observation skills and can differentiate between unskilled infomercial actresses."

In response to The Calm Before The Storm
Katherine said... ah, it's been so long since i've heard the ole "zero dark thirty in the mornin!" and leave those lazy kids in the car while you sneak in some nachos! I'm just sayin

In response to I Better Not Catch Mother Nature In A Dark Alley
Kritta22 said... Sorry, Mama, it sucks to be you!I agree, Honey, that's why I'm dropping you off at the homeless shelter right across the street. I hope they have a blanket for you. I'll watch you from my warm hotel room right up there. Have fun!

In response to I Never Would Have Guessed
Alicia @ Oh2122 said... Keep her away from the pool. It's wet, you know.

In response to In The Red
Red Headed Mama said... Keep the game, buy a Wii, Sell the kid on ebay


Kritta22 said...

Do we get a prize?

I love the Red Headed Mama comment! I'm wiping tears!!

Anonymous said...

I hate when the comments are funnier than my original post. Or maybe I love it...but I'm jealous.