February 11, 2009

A Chat Between Family

My sister and I were chatting on Facebook during the storm Tuesday night. Then a chat from my mom pops up. Apparently she and my sister are chatting also. This is a perfect example of how my mom and I gang up on her without even realizing it. Not that she doesn't just beg for it.

First, this is between me and my sister. And let's just ignore the obscene time stamps which clearly illustrate that all three of us should have been in bed.

12:56amKid Sister
why are you still up? don't know have kids to take care of in the morning?
messing with Aidan - he can't watch cartoons so he won't sleep which makes me his bitch
12:58amKid Sister
lol power out?
are you serious? we're chatting on the computer over the internet!
12:59amKid Sister
no, you wouldn't be on the computer, hu?

Then, between me and my mom at roughly the same time.

I wish you could see this chat I'm having with KS right now
why? she and I are chatting, too. she asked me if my power was out. on a computer chat!
She wrote, about 10 minutes ago "Don't make fun I know you were jealous". And now no matter what she says it just says, "Don't make fun I know you were jealous" about a million times. It's hysterical, I'm afraid I'm gonna wake Opa up laughing. that's funny about the power
She's always good for blog fodder!
She's so damn silly. Honestly, I have tears in my eyes from you two
I just pasted "Don't make fun I know you were jealous" and sent it to her about 6 times!
That's a riot! Now she'll know how I felt when she kept saying, "Vomit. Vomick"
ok, now I'm crying
This is why I can't work. I'm too busy up all night on this thing!

And back to me and Kid Sister

Don't make fun I know you were jealous
Don't make fun I know you were jealous
Don't make fun I know you were jealous
Don't make fun I know you were jealous
Don't make fun I know you were jealous
Don't make fun I know you were jealous
Don't make fun I know you were jealous
1:08amKid Sister
having chat issues?
1:09amKid Sister
lol yeah. peice of crap
sure, blame it on the software. I'm so blogging about this shit!


Anonymous said...

Moms are sisters are kind of crazy. I always think we're SOOO different and then we buy an identical gift for christmas for each other or something else wierd. Damn DNA.

April said...

That happened once with my text on my phone and I thought my hubby was just sending the same shit over and over (and I was really busy and he knew it) so I called him and yelled "STOP TEXTING ME DAMMIT!" and hung up. So what does he do, he text me again but this time it said "WTF are you talking about crazy lady!"

Jessica said...

I don't think it's funny. You guys are we. tar. did.

Sarah said...

The power's out! Too hysterical! I'm crying too just reading about it!