February 20, 2009

By The Skin Of His Toes

Aidan takes his shoes off at preschool every day. They don't fight with him about it because, well, that's not likely to lead to him becoming a sociopath so we focus on those behaviors, mkay?

Thursday he stubbed his big toe and tore it up. A bloody, skin hangin' off, nasty mess. He wouldn't let anyone put a bandaid or anything on it so they called me to come try. Like he cooperates with me any more than anyone else, but whatev... I was at Target when they called so I bought him some special Spider Man bandaids and headed into battle.

As soon as I got him sat down and handed him the box of bandaids - which usually makes him ridiculously happy - he takes one look at them and throws the box across the room because they are not Scooby Doo bandaids. I'd bet my husband's paycheck if they were Scooby Doo bandaids he'd have thrown them because they weren't Spider Man bandaids.

Well, today when I was bandaging him up I decided the big gross flap of skin hanging off the tip of his toe needed to come off. Aidan thought otherwise. I'm bigger so the skin came off.

And I paid dearly for that victory.

45 minutes of pathetic crying because he wanted that skin. That was his skin. When I told him his body would make new skin he flipped the hell out because he wanted his old skin.

Please tell me this infuriating, quirky, defiance is not going to last much longer.
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