January 18, 2009

You Are What You Search For

Oh how I love the Keyword Analysis function on StatCounter. Well, we have a love/hate relationship. On one hand, if you have come to my blog by way of searching for any of these terms

kid n*ked swimming pictures
kids swimming n*ked
n*ked swimming kids
kid n*kedness

then you are a skank pedophile and may you get what you deserve in prison, pervert.

If you have landed here by a search of these terms

hogtied sissy
is you a sissy
kids being a sissy

I'm on the fence about you. For now you can keep reading my blog but don't push it.

If you are here because you are searching these terms

kid hogtied
hogtied homemade
bling for my awesome blog
hogtied kids
how to hogtie a kid
don't let a kid hogtie you
my kids might really be martians

then we should talk. I think we could be friends. Possibly long lost sisters. Call me!

If you searched for these things to get here

creative blog for kids
learn all about martians for kids
what do about stuffed up nose at night only kids
creative stuff for kids to do

then you are in the wrong place. You are looking for the blog by Mrs Perfect about her 2 Perfect Kids and all of the intellectual stimulating activities they do each day. I am not Mrs Perfect, I'm more a Mrs Barely Surviving and this blog is all about my 2 Absolutely Unperfect Kids and all the ways I make it through the day without hurting anyone. Much.


Anonymous said...

It never amazes me what people look up on the internet anymore. I have to say though, you by far get the most interesting!!

Anonymous said...

I think our kids are polar opposites. Yours are a handful during the day, yet sleep like angels at night. Mine are wonderful all day long, yet haven't allowed me to sleep through the night in almost FOUR YEARS!!! I'm currently averaging less than 5 hours a night thanks to Drew.

I honestly don't know which is worse!

Anonymous said...

Sissy, How did you make that scrolling button thingie on the right. Is that a gadget on blogger? I'd love to have that too so my side bar doesn't get so long.
♥ Joy

Anonymous said...

Oh, how you make me laugh! I just found your blog today and have been laughing the afternoon away!!

I just tagged you...but please don't feel obligated. I took advantage of the opportunity to share your blog with my friends.

Sunny @ http://brightfishfamily.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...

You ALWAYS give me a laugh! Thanx! because of you I set up a sitecounter thingy so I too, can get all creeped out!!

Anonymous said...

There are some freaky, freaky people out there. And, it's always nice to know a few of them are landing on your site, non?!

And, for the record, I do think my kids might be martians, too. ;)

Anonymous said...

People are crazy...

Anonymous said...

Google Michigan boobies and you'll get me. Not quite sure why....but now that I put up a post about it, I'm sure it'll draw more attention!

And I have something for you on my blog!!!