January 7, 2009

The Weirdness Continues

Thank Baby Jesus that weirdos are still perusing the internet for sick shit and winding up on my blog. Low on blog fodder? Just check your keyword analysis on StatCounter. Bam! Instant funny (and somewhat disturbing) shit. Such as...

will blemish cream help with a hickey? - help it with what?

Mama sucks me off while I sleep - well, isn't that nice for you?

can u suck me off - I could but I'll pass, thanks.

how to cover a hickey, boy - lots of people are having hickey issues aren't they?

snuggie battery powered - why would that dumbass thing need batteries?

giving hickey and got boner -
I hate to hear that. really, I hate to hear that, you adolescent idiot.

rejuvenique danger - I think you might be the danger, my dear.

hide a hickey - yes, please hide the nasty thing!


Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

I love keyword analysis days!

April said...

Yours always crack me up. You sure got some weirdo's visiting!

Krissi said...

Apparently there are a lot of people who search random crap about hickey's?? Who knew??

Ordie O. said...

Okay, there are like 3 terms in that post that I don't even know the meaning of. But, somehow, I don't want to request clarification. I'm quite happy living in ignorance.

Jenners said...

Oh that is just classic! I wonder if they stay and read???